Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jungle themed Playroom

You might have seen this room in a scrapbook page earlier but I had not shared it here before as a room.It was the playroom for the girls in our old house and this room was planned when my first born was 2 months old so it is essentially a kids playroom with an adults imagination.

The room was designed by me and both my Dad and DH helped me execute it. DH is good with lots of broad stroke and muscle power so he did the base coat of green and blue based on the freehand drawing by me. My Dad helped with the base coat but then he is very good with details and he helped me in most of the animals details and the leaves on the tree. 

I absolutely loved this room but never really found out the opinion of the kids. They were extremely proud of their room and wanted to show off to everyone but it was probably because everyone else specially the adults thought it was a very cool room. 
In a recent conversation with my younger daughter, she was reminded of this room, and asked me to paint this exact scenery in our basement room. I was pleasantly surprised to know that she missed her room a lot and wanted to re-create it. It inspires me to do something more lofty with the walls.

Here are some more closeups for details.

Giraffe and Puppy chasing a butterfly

A bird flying up high and cub playing with Daddy lion

Princess Castle and a pond with ducks and turtle


  1. Thank you Mary Jo, I loved too and recently discovered that the girls did like it and miss it now.
    I think we need a new project :-)

  2. Thank you Sathya Priya. I am glad you liked it. :-)