Friday, September 26, 2008

Lost my shoes in Paradise...

It happened in the twilight hours one morning in Hawaii; I was doing what I went to do in Hawaii... walk on the beach barefoot and feel the sand between my toes. Since I was carrying my camera that morning and intended to take pictures, I set my beach shoes on a rock protruding from under the sand...

When it was time to return to the hotel, I couldn’t find my shoes anywhere... somebody just couldn’t resist the pretty pink color or may be she/he needed it really bad.
(It was far out in the dry so waves couldn’t have taken them and if they did they didn’t leave any signs...)

As I was about to get upset that I’ll have to walk barefoot back to the room, I realized that the day before I was thinking that I was getting tired of wearing same beach shoes trip after trip and that I was planning to leave them in the hotel room when I leave... I guess it was better that somebody who really needed it or really liked it got the shoes than house keeping throwing it in the trash...

And that gave me a genuine reason in years to buy some new shoes... (I usually buy shoes for no apparent reason...)


  1. well that is a big bummer about the shoes. Love walking on the beach and feeling the sand between my toes.
    I'm loving all your vacation photos. They are very nice.

  2. That is too bad about your shoes, but maybe it was just meant to seem to have the correct thinking about it! If you were going to leave them behind anyway, let's hope that the person who took them truly needed them.

    It is pretty upsetting that people just help themselves to things that aren't theirs though, isn't it???

  3. How strange that someone just took them. But like you said, maybe someone really needed them.
    Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip :0)