Friday, September 21, 2012

Some quick scrapbook pages

After last week’s inspiration from Mary jo, where I wrote a letter to my daughter and made it the focus of my scrapbook layout, the momentum of it carried me to finish a couple more pages.

A few months back, I started an assembly line of scrapbooking pages, cutting, gluing, journaling and embellishing several pages at the same time. Needless to say some finished and other got stuck in the pipeline but the whole process wasn’t as mundane as I thought; it was actually very liberating for once to not try to design my best page for each single story that I need to document and actually finish making the pages and get the sense of accomplishment.

Sharing two 2-pages spreads from our trip to Florida a couple years ago. They are simple 4x6 pages with all 4x6 pictures. I have seen that whenever I try to enlarge a picture and make it a focal point, it complicates it so much that it never gets done unless there is a deadline making it crucial. I am way behind on my 300 page goal for the year 2012 and as the weather is cooling down shortening the daylight hours and the year end is coming close, I’ll be working on it more diligently.

I also have a few updates for my ‘Project life’ project, yeah believe it or not, I am still at it just haven’t shared it for a while, more on that coming up soon.

This first page is from the impromptu photo shoot on the beach after attending a wedding in a hotel that was right on the beach and we decided to take a walk with our traditional dresses on. I love the pictures and cherish the memories; there wasn’t much of a story other than being in the moment…

Before I explain this second layout I have to rant about something… So I was at Archivers’ looking for some rocket related stuff as these pictures are from Kennedy space center on the space coast and after going through aisles after aisles I found it in a section labeled, “Boys’. I think segregating hobbies, colors, toys based on gender is my pet peeve, it just pisses me off. So what is it about rockets and astronauts that are off limits for girls? Being an engineer by profession who was born in a ‘third world country’, I find it very hard for me to wrap my head around the gender biases that this country holds. Anyways, now I’ll get off my soap box now and continue about the page….

The page is another one of the 4x6 picture collections. On this particular day we were celebrating our wedding anniversary and chose to visit ‘Kennedy space center’ (I guess this is what happens when two engineers decide to spend their lives together). The girls had tons of fun and there most favorite memory was of the videos when rockets took off… a reverse countdown to the zero followed by a ‘blast off’ was their most favorite game for a long time after the trip was over.

If you are a fellow scrapbooker, and looking for some inspiration then ‘craft your nest blog’ is hosting another challenge (One word titles) this week and I am hoping to play along. And in case a challenge is not quite enough to push you over the threshold, here’s a picture of the goodies that Mary Jo sent me just for playing along. Thank you Mary Jo.

More on scrapbooking soon...


  1. I liked the first layout!! And I completely agree with you regarding your statement : " I think segregating hobbies, colors, toys based on gender is my pet peeve, it just pisses me off."

    I also don't understand , why is it so? Here everyone thinks in terms of Blue, Pink or Purple !! There are several other colors on this planet too!!

  2. @Nishith, Thanks for agreeing about the colors. I recently had a discussion with a co-worker who visited Nepal and said that she was trying to teach the Nepalese people what colors to dress their babies in according to American way and they thought she was weird... I did think she was a little insensitive.

  3. Your welcome! :)
    And I love seeing your layouts on your blog!

    For the record, I 100% agree with you!
    I absolutely detest the way not only Archiver's but my own LSS set up "themes" in their stores.

  4. Loved all the layouts Shalini. I especially loved the one on the beach with the traditional clothes. Very beautiful (the layout and the people).

    You won't believe how often I have felt the same way about toys and colors. It annoys me no end.