Sunday, November 17, 2013

50 scrapbook pages before 2014...

As November rolls in every year the end to the once very brand new year comes in sight and also the urgency to meet the goals for the year. I usually don’t set year end targets, my deadlines are usually scattered throughout the year based on the respective activities but at this time of the year I like to set new goals for the New Year’s dead line. To set up targets that would organize the long winter evenings into segments of tasks and take the mind off the lack of sunlight.

There is 45 days left of 2013 and I plan to…

Make and post here at least 50 pages of scrapbook (remember the Scrap-fest from back in September and I had more than 50 inspirations pictures and this would be good incentive to put them to use).
I’ll start here with the two pages that I made last night:

Playing Dress up in Kashmir :

Last year during our trip to Kashmir, India, we stayed on DalLake in the house boat and during the stay we hired a local photographer to take our pictures in the native costumes. It was so much fun playing dress up and I am glad that DH agreed to play along. We all have warm memories from the trip and that day in particular and I have tried to capture that in the page. It’s a basic page without too many intense techniques but I like the way our pictures stand out along with a few words.

Krishna Janamashtami :

Every year sometime in August (specific date based on lunar calendar) we celebrate Lord Krishna’s Birthday day. As kids, DH and his sister used to decorate with a Tableau of life events from Krishna’s life and we have continued this tradition and have taught girls to do the same. Since a lot of native toys are not available, we make do with what we have. Barbie dolls playing the role of Radha and Yashoda, other baby dolls became gopikas; the thugs from ‘Tangled’ movie became jail guards, a wood pagoda cabinet became the dark jail where Krishna was born… and so on. The girls are very involved in this festival and so I wanted to make the page for them and their favorite parts of the Tableau. Since the girls learned to read and write Hindi this summer from their Grandma, I added the title (Jhanki) in Hindi.

I also need to make a few photo books to document the journeys and I’ll try to get at least three of them made before the year end. While I am at it, might as well announce that I plan to jog at least another 50 miles before the end of this year, per prior experience this would be a good motivation for me.

So far 1 & 2/50 scrabook pages before 2013 ends...


  1. Thank you Mary Jo. I was just laying out a hexagon to complete the challenge you posted via paper issues. :-)