Thursday, April 26, 2012

Earth Day - 22nd April

Earth Day was perfectly earth friendly for us. We started out with a family yoga workshop which was an excellent introduction to yoga for kids. My older one has done some yoga but it was the very first time for the younger one to learn the names of the poses, usually she tries to just copy what I am doing. 

The yoga was more fun based and less posture based and that bothered me a little bit because it’s very easy to injure muscles/ligaments with wrong twists and turns but it was okay for kids because they are usually more flexible and they listen to their body much better than their adult counterparts. We did many tree poses to ground and balance ourselves, perfect for Earth Day.

They took a couple of pictures on Polaroid that went straight in my Project Life Album for the weeks entry.  

After the class we did some finger painting and made a tree and also twisted some pipe cleaners around dum-dum pops to turn them into little people in tree pose.
Now, my girlies want to go to the studio each time I pick up my yoga mat.

After we came back home, DH and I turned our attention to our yard. We pulled out weeds and cleared up circles around the tree. I planted some onions and spinach in the small veggie patch. I plan to re-do my veggie patch this summer so I am hesitant to plant all my veggies even though the weather has been gorgeous. I planted some tomatoes and strawberries in containers. The rhubarb and mint is already lush green and I cannot wait to start using them in my culinary experiments.

The other task that we finished was also very appropriate for Earth Day. I’ll share the details in a later post but we finished making a Play kitchen out of an old book shelf for the girls. It is hard to convince my girls to leave the kids play area in IKEA cause they love to play with the kitchen but now that they have one of their own, I hope it’s going to be easier.

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