About Me

I am a modern woman who doesn’t feel the need to abandon traditions, heritage and cultural roots to make a successful life in current times. In this space I share with you my experiences and inspirations from Art to Engineering and everything in between that makes life worth living…

I was born in India and grew up throughout the country with various moves because of my Dad’s job and I guess that’s where I inherited my passion for travel and also learned to be at ease with my own being without trying to blend into the surroundings at any cost.

I am an Engineer by training and earn my living designing Bridges by the day and indulge in the creative impulses when I am not doing that; it’s all an effort to keep my brain balanced while I carefully tread the lines between Engineer and Artist.

I live in the States now with my loving husband and two wonderful daughters; and while I claim to be a Minnesotan since this is one place where I have lived the longest, I am deeply connected to my home country by cultural roots and trying to instill in our daughters the heritage that they were born with.

This blog is a journal to keep track of the happy and somber moments that are continually shaping our lives and is developing into a diary to keep me focused on my goals and in the process inspire others to accept the person that they are. My hope is to leave this world a better place and the plan is to start at home and close to heart… Here and Now

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