Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Chinese restaurant - Hop Sing Palace, Folsom

Our recent move brought about a lot of changes and I've been talking about them in the past many weeks but one need that left a gaping whole in my life but took me a little while to figure out was not knowing my favorite restaurants on my fingertips.  
On a harsh and emotional day when the triple degree temperature prevent extensive cooking at home, one might wish to wallow themselves in black bean sauce or a schezwan curry but for the lack of information about a good chinese place. After suffering through many a mediocre chinese restaurant, I finally found a place I love. Hop Sing Palace is located in historic Folsom district and while walking from the train station towards 'Snooks' our favorite ice-cream place we were drawn in with the wafting curry smells. 

It is an inviting, dimly lit formal sit down restaurant set up with some decoration elements from the 60s along with the newsprint wallpaper in the bathrooms. We were there on a weekend afternoon but the seating was prompt and very courteous.  

We ordered their house chablis and it was really good specially after the hot sun outside. The food was exceptionally good. The preparations were nice and vegetables were not used as fillers but perfectly paired with the meats with very generous proportions. The entrees were almost family size and we did have a lot of leftovers.
Prawns with Black bean sauce
The entrees were reasonably priced considering that its a proper sit down restaurant and not a carry out joint in a strip mall. And I can't insist that their staff was very polite and welcoming.
Hop sing beef
Their chili sauce was the authentic chili paste cooked in oil sauce instead of the commonly found sriracha or the sambal olek.
Singapore noodles
You can judge the quality of a chinese restaurant by the kind of singapore noodles they prepare. It is a simple noodle dish but requires a delicate balance and although this isn't the best singapore noodles I've eaten it sure was pretty good.
Schezuwan spiced beef
This isn't  a sponsored post but an honest review of a restaurant that I liked in my Sacramento exploration and I'd totally recommend this place for a family dinner, for going out with friends and even for a business dinner.

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