Thursday, March 05, 2015

2015 Word of the year... Forge

Forge, Forge, Forge ahead... is my inspiration word for the year 2015.

It got cold early on last year and by November I was already running on the treadmill. It was during one of my walks on the treadmill and the accompanying marathon TED talk sessions when I discovered the talk by Andrew Solomon: How the worst moments in our live make us who we are.

This talk deeply inspired me, I went back to it several times. At the time, I happened to be in that state of mind where the decision that others were making was affecting me deeply and at times I felt like I was at the mercy of time and how it will shape things for me.

And forging ahead no matter what seemed like the mantra that I needed to stick to. And the guiding little word of the year 2015 for me was decided.
I'm rolling with it and it seemed to be guiding me to Forge (fake it), till I Forge (take shape by hard work) myself and in the meanwhile keep Forging Ahead. The complex meaning of the word got me interested and it just seemed like peeling onion, discovering life, one layer at a time...

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