Saturday, September 14, 2013

Antler wine rack...

Do you remember my post about ‘knowing your Artisan’?

Well, I have a personal story to share which highlights the importance of buying direct from the artist or at the very least knowing who is the artist behind your beloved piece...

So we were driving towards Crater Lake and while passing through a small town close to Bend, OR we spotted a canopy tent with antlers displayed under it, in an empty school parking lot and we stop to take a look. A little girl about the age of my older one greeted us and then left promptly to get her Dad to attend to us.

We looked around and realized it was a Taxidermy shop and once the person came, he showed us things, explained the processes and answered some curious questions from my girls.

I am not a hunter, in fact if I were ever required to fetch my own meal, I'll probably turn a gatherer and survive on beans and berries. Anyways, so it was very interesting to learn the process and watch hides and Antlers in various stages of preservation.

It was the antlers that caught my attention in the first place and there were short and tall lamps on display that the person had made which were very unique and DH being the electrical engineer asked about the wiring and the holders and the artist explained everything in detail with great interest.

We ended up getting a wine rack. It has a long elk antler as the main support base and various sizes of mule deer antlers for holding the bottles. It looks classic even without the bottles in there. DH loves his wines and its a special souvenir from our trip that would always be a conversation starter during our dinner parties.

What more, we got it for the price that I would have paid for a single fake resin antler at a trendy home decor shop. But I guess cost is not even a factor, its the experience of talking to the artist, touching the bear skin, shaking the tail of a dead rattle snake which belonged to an 8 year old, calming my girls after a screaming frenzy of a bee encounter, admiring the hunter's trophies, all that which is valued beyond the dollars that we paid.

Just wanted to share the story, cause value of a product is not in the money that you paid whether you paid full price or got it on sale. It is not even in creating a designer look for cheap, it is in realizing the designer within you, empowering yourself with the knowledge of awareness...

Get out today and meet one artist that you'd like to bring home; be it a florist, a painter, a potter  or even the farmer you buy some juicy tomatoes from... make a difference!

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