Monday, September 16, 2013

An interview with Amy Backman from Spruce Flowers and Home

Meet Amy from Spruce Flowers and home. DH discovered this wonderful flower shop close to home and I fell in love with it on my very first visit. This quaint little store is a lot more that a flower shop, It is the place where women go to find that perfectly unique design and personal experience and men go to get the perfect gift for women and girls when everything else fails. 

Amy graciously agreed to let me photograph her and the store while she made beautiful centerpieces for a wedding and soft music played in the background. The doors of the store were wide open and gentle breeze played with soft ferns and resilient air plants. 

This is a store where I'd go to buy pieces to incorporate into my own design but she has some unique arrangements on her shelves if you are looking to buy something special and Amy also offers flower decorating classes in case you are hesitant to branch out into flower decorations right away without the basics. And that's not all she regularly offers tips on her blog about taking care of flowers and plants.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a Commercial post. I am not benefitting from posting about this place.
I think that 'Spruce Flowers and home' is a unique, beautiful and local store that offers great service.

Store Location: 4751 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Q1.            Tell us something about yourself?

AB:  I have always loved colors, textures, exceptional design and working with my hands.  This led to my first job in high school working at a small family owned flowers shop in a small town.  Since then, my career has been focused in buying, product development and marketing.  Music also plays a very inspirational role in my life...I played the cello in high school and just picked it up again a few years back.  We play the music that I really love at the store, which keeps us moving throughout the day.  

Q2.             What was the inspiration behind Spruce MN and why did you choose this particular location?
                                AB:  My early career working in the flower shop was such a great experience that it had always been in the back of my mind as something I would like to open one day.  We live in the Nokomis area and I have had my eyes on our current space for years.  I love the idea of a neighborhood flower shop and being a part of the community.  

Q3.             The d├ęcor of the store is modern and yet subtle, perfect backdrop for the greens to take the center stage; how did you come up with this idea?

AB:  Flowers are the focus of what we do, so I wanted the shop to reflect that.  I didn't want the interior to take away or compete with the natural beauty of the flowers.  With flowers as the focal point of the store, we also wanted to bring the flower design and cooler to the heart of the store as well.  People are inspired when they take a peek into our cooler and love interacting with us as we create something uniquely for them.  

Q4.            Do you have any advice for readers who’d like to bring greens into their homes on a small scale?

AB:  Yes!  I am a big believer (obviously) in living with flowers and plants.  And, doing so can be as simple as a small bloom on a nightstand to having fresh flowers in an entry way or on a dining room table or throughout the home.  In regards to plants, the environment they will ultimately live in plays a big part in deciding what plants will work best for your home.  Bright sunny locations are great for succulents (especially in modern homes!) and they are relatively easy to care for as long as they are getting the sun they need.  But, there are a lot of great houseplants that are easy to care for, given the right light conditions and so many varieties that it comes down to a personal style choosing which might work for you.  

Q5.             Since Air plants and terrariums are a growing trend, do you have any tips about bringing the first one home and then how to grow a collection of either one of them? 

AB:  Air plants and terrariums are interesting ways to bring greens into the home and reflect your personal style.  Air plants are a little more trendy right now, and have a bit of a modern flair, while terrariums feel a little more classic (however updated from the terrariums of the '70's.)  I feel like the vessels you have and location you would like to bring some green into your home drives the type of collection you might be able to build.  A cool trio of glass containers can make for an interesting display on a coffee table and side table.  Air plants are really great in wall hanging terrariums as a collection as well.  

Q6.             Usually the flower decorations in homes are reserved for major occasions but you recommend bringing it into everyday life. What was your inspiration behind the concept and how do you help execute it?

AB:  We believe that living with flowers brings a little bit of happiness in every day.  And, like I mentioned earlier, it does not have to be really complex.  To help people to feel comfortable living with flowers, we have created classes to help people learn the basics of flower design so that they can bring flowers into their home and arrange them on a regular basis.  

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