Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Owl 3-D puzzle was a hoot!

Puzzles are a wonderful thing to do while watching kids’ movies with them and it gives you a sense of accomplishment on a Sunday afternoon which can be very uplifting. 

I had bought an Owl Creatology 3 dimensional puzzle kit for the kids a while back. Kids never picked it up, in their defense it does look intimidating with all those tiny unlabeled pieces but I thought perhaps if I start they might join me, that didn’t happen but I was so hooked that I wanted it all for myself anyways.

The puzzle came out on 4 different sheets and I’d recommend not removing the individual pieces from the sheet ahead of time. The pieces are unmarked and often look similar to each other so it better to track them through the location on the sheet.

It helped to assemble smaller chunks of the big puzzle and then put it together. I assembled it while watching kids movie with them on a Sunday afternoon  and once I got a hang of it, it was relatively easy but I can tell it would need a lot of patience if you are a kid or working with one.  For my puzzle all the pieces fit perfectly except one which I had to use glue but other than that, it looks like a beautiful sculpture.

I am debating if I’d like to keep it in its natural wood tone or perhaps alter it with paint. The idea is to spray it with adhesive and add either a black or a glow in the dark paint and have a Halloween decoration ready. But as I said, still debating… In the meanwhile, I am enjoying looking at the labor of my patience 

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  1. How fun!
    And that is definitely a good tip.
    I know Evan and I really struggled with a 3d puzzle of a skyscraper!