Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Scrapfest 2013 at Mall of America

Sharing some pictures from the annual scrapbooking event, Scrapfest. It is organized by Minnesota based National chain of scrapbooking store Archivers and has always been hosted at Mall of America.

In the glorious days of scrapbooking, this event was held with much grandeur and spilled into the other local Archivers stores as well with overnight scrap-nights hosted by various sponsors but this year’s event  was, let’s say, more on a budget. 

There weren’t as many product booths and correspondingly not enough people either; though there were a few vendors demonstrating good techniques and ‘make and takes’ which attracted longer lines. That said the Parking was still bursting to its seams and I ended up parking on 6th Floor at the parking ramp (p.s. the Mall is only four levels)

I had not been to this event in the past couple of years since ‘back to school’ and settling back into a routine after summer break has become a big deal for the family. The timing of second weekend of September never worked out for me. This year the event was held a week later than usual and a friend invited me to come along and it was a lot of fun to just hang out at the mall and discuss scrapbooking over a cup of coffee. Walk through various booths filled with new products and showing interesting techniques.

Tim Holtz was the highlight of the whole show, I have taken his class before but I think it was more fun watching him work rather than he telling you what to do. It was wonderful listening to him talk about the research that goes into putting a good product on the market. He demonstrated the ‘Distressed Glitter’ use (I posted an quick instagram video of his demo)

We also heard Becky Higgins talk about project life and the new products that are available in the PL line. 

Needless to say, I came home with tons of products and a head filled with inspiration. I looked back at my pictures from the event and there are more than 50 pictures of random scrapbook pages that I captured. I plan to use them, set some targets and actually get a few pages into albums.
I am a perpetual list maker :-)

There are a lot of thoughts churning into my head and I think there is another scrapbook related post in the making. I’ll be back with my thoughts about managing pictures and telling stories and the few times they merge. For now, I’ll plan on sharing more pages from the products that I purchased last weekend. 


  1. How fun!
    I should make a trip up there for it some time.

  2. Mary Jo, when you come to attend Scrapfest, we'll sign up for an all night scrapbooking. It would be fun, I'll look forward to it :-)