Friday, July 26, 2013

Bayfield, beach vacation...

I’ve been away from home with limited internet access. I love technology free vacations but given the advent of smart phones, email and instagram have become tempting distractions.

We stayed in Bay Field in Wisconsin along the Lake Superior and were just about few feet away from a sandy and shallow beach. Having always stayed on the rocky shores of Lake Superior along the north shore in the Minnesota a shallow calm and sandy beach was a very welcome change.

The girls got their fill of a beach vacation and I just loved sitting under the shade of trees while cold water splashed under my feet.
Fairies live the beach
We also toured the Apostle islands and spent a day on Madeline Island. It was wonderful to be able to take the car across to the island on a ferry boat and explore the parks and beaches there on our own pace. After experiencing giant ferries that transfer cars and passengers across lakes in Seattle, the ferry to Madeline seemed less intimidating and very cozy and relaxing.

Sheet pile and concrete, Harbor wall.. love the colors

While on the beaches we made several attempts to have a beach picnic but the rage of the biting flies especially in the presence of yummy food, chased us away. So we enjoyed the food away from water and enjoyed water without food in our hands.
Stone flower embedded in concrete bench 
This area is a kayaker’s paradise and we saw several newbie’s giving it a shot via local outfitters. Kayaking was never on my list but after seeing the clear lake water and pictures of the caves that can be explored by boats; I just might have to change my mind.

River coming to meet the Lake
Our cabin on the lake was an old boat that sank in Stillwater and was rescued and converted to a small cabin. It had an upper level bedroom with pink and flowery quilt on the bed and a deck and the girls fell in love with it. It was smaller dwellings than what we are used to but the quirk and the history component of the cabin more than made up for the restricted shower space…

View from our boat house cabin
If you are in the upper Midwest area and looking for a quick respite from the summer’s heat, Bay field might be the destination for you…


  1. Looks like it has been an amazing vacation! Lovely photo. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  2. Thank you M&K, I am glad you liked it. Love your blog :-)

  3. Sounds lovely! My brother lives in Milwaukee, so I will have to ask him if he has been there. He does a lot of traveling and camping with his wife :)