Friday, May 03, 2013

Art in Bloom at MN Institute of Art

Nothing announces Spring here in Minnesota better than the Art in Bloom festival at Minnesota Institute of Arts. Although this year, Mother Nature is playing games as snowflakes is continually descending (see the instagram picture in the sidebar) despite the Calendar proclaiming it to be the month of ‘May’.

Well, contrary to the weather outside right now, it was spring this weekend; we even ran the air conditioner in the car and went out for a family bike ride.
 The Art in Bloom show was themed around Native American culture so we saw a lot of dream catchers and head-gears made out of things in nature and it was very inspiring to be influenced by the ideas that can be incorporated in your home and life in general.
As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words, so here we go…

Flower bouquet at the entrance

Perfect idea to add dried twigs to a fresh arrangement

The green Earth that we all dream of

Following the trend, orchids in individual glass vase

Succulents, they rarely go out of trend, the little plant flowers

Twigs are not beyond Dream Catchers, glass beads and feathers add drama 

A moss dragon, made fresh to order 

Beautiful table covers, perfect for patio or to bring it in

Loved the play of shapes and contrast of textures

Moroccan lantern gets a new life with flowers, day vs night use

loved the Kantha quilt peeking out of the canvas bag

window trellis, neat idea for supporting creepers

interesting use of a farm bucket, play on texture and temperature

Loved this idea, I am gonna try it with wine crate

Native American garb in the front entrance

Another twig dream catcher... its screaming kids activity

Bird of paradise representing Fire

Ceramic blooms underwater in the Japanese section

Swan is it?

Ah! a peacock, by a peacock. lovely placement...

Mayan ware used for alternative use...
Its tough to condense everything when you are fired up with inspiration...
Hope that I continue to make time for this free event treat and more folks are inspired to support and visit the MIA. Art and creative pursuits are good for developing minds...

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