Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dark Chocolate covered Marshmallow…

We are a Chocolate and Marshmallow loving family. Remember my post about Indoor Smores… I think chocolate can turn any dull moment around. This Dark Chocolate covered marshmallow dish was one of the favorite snack at my daughter's birthday party.  It was probably the most easiest too.

Poke a medium sized skewer in a Marshmallow 

Melt some dark chocolate (70% cacao) over a water bath, add a couple drops of peppermint flavor along with a tablespoon of heavy cream for every 4oz chocolate.

Dip the Marshmallow in the melted chocolate.

Crush some candy canes in a sandwich bag and dip the tips of marshmallow in the bag for a quick coat. Invert them on wax paper while the chocolate firms up around the marshmallow.

Delectable Peppermint flavored, dark chocolate covered marshmallow is ready to be consumed…

Speaking from my own experience, you'd want to make double the amounts of what you really need in case you are making it to serve it to guests cause, most likely you'll try to it often to make sure that they are all turning out right.

Once the chocolate firmed up, I inserted the skewers in a floral foam covered with tissue. I had a piece on hand that fit perfectly inside my glass compote dish.
It makes for a lovely presentation and a wonderful finger food while the girls played around.

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  1. Oh yum!
    I am a sucker for chocolate covered marshmallows.
    And those look super easy :)