Monday, December 16, 2013

Eri Silk Infinity Scarf

I am so happy and excited with the little successes I encounter each day with my new venture. And I am so thankful for your support and encouragement. Through craft sales, Etsy (Craftiste) and other personal sales, the venture is slowly inching towards being self-reliant. When I took this first step, my main goal was to be sustainable, not just for my business but for all those indigenous artisans that I wish to support. The idea is for all the artisans to be able to create a livelihood for themselves and in the process preserve the art forms and the cultural traditions.

So, Thanks to all of you who have made purchases from my business, I was able to buy Ahimsa silk directly from the hand loom weavers at fair price and with the products that I create with it and sell, I hope to continue to re-invest in their community. This weavers group is a cooperative that was formed under the Incredible India initiative - 'Explore Rural India' in an effort to preserve the dying craft and culture of rural India. And I am glad to be able to extend their business efforts.

I created some infinity scarf with raw organic silk fabric. I stamped on it with gold fabric paint which enhances the golden hue of the natural undyed fabric and stitched it. The Eri silk fabric is light weight as cotton but keeps warmth like wool and that makes it a very practical and fashionable fabric. The silk is hand washable and washing improves the shine of the fabric.

These scarves are available in my Etsy shop; please consider buying it for yourself or as a perfect gift for the one who has almost everything that the money can buy. These scarves are handmade with organic silk and profits from the sales would be reinvested in the weavers’ community which means that the value of your purchase goes much beyond the product that you hold in your hands… 

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