Sunday, May 05, 2013

Dolls blanket- crochet

Remember the little crocheted sweaters I made for the dolls?  After successfully finishing a project, I got motivated to try something new and on list to learn list was a zig-zag crochet afghan. After consulting with a few friends, I decided to start it in a small scale mostly so I can carry it around to kids’ activities and keep busy while learning from it. 
It was decided that I’ll make one for the doll first and the girls chose a combination pink and white leftover yarn from one of my Mom’s knitting project.

My friend gave me a pattern that she found online and it was easy to follow except that I didn’t know how to reduce stitches in crocheting patterns and I was not well versed with crochet pattern lingo, I had to dig around and found this wonderful video on you tube. 

It showed in great detail the whole process. For each wave of the zig-zag pattern, the crafter recommended 14 chains and so I started the doll blanket with 42 (14x3). As a hind sight I think I would start with 56 chains next time for an 18 inch doll. 

All in all, it was an easy process and the doll seems to love it too…
Next I am itching to start it in a regular afghan size but setting a few goals for myself before I indulge. 


  1. How adorable!
    Isn't youtube wonderful? I have found so many helpful "how to" videos on there :)

  2. I agree Mary Jo, you tube is a wonderful and sharing place to learn just about everything.