Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Glimpses of Paris - Part I

It all started on a hot summer afternoon about a year ago. We were visiting our local library and I was greatly alarmed and puzzled by my daughter's fascination with the likes of Junie B Jones, Fairy series and Judy Moody.She is an avid reader and reads much beyond her 'required' reading levels, don't take me wrong I am pretty proud of her reading skills but was just a little concerned with the thought and language development that she was getting out of the overdose of survival stories of obnoxious girls with bad attitude and poor language skills. 
To prod the choices of books in a different direction, I chose a book for her which contained 13 fascinating buildings from the all around the world. It was a very lofty goal on my part to make my daughter read something by mere suggestion, as I said I usually have to prod. So the day before my third renewal of the book was up and I could not keep the book in my possession any longer without paying a hefty fine, I offered her a deal. 
That she would read up the book and give me an oral report on it and then we will visit one building of her choice from the book of 13 buildings. Long story short, she picked Eiffel Tower and frankly I wasn't too thrilled, I was hoping she'd pick Sydney Opera house or leaning tower of Pisa, the places that I have yet to see but that was not something for me to say. So we planned a short trip to Paris just so that she could see and climb the Eiffel tower and here I am sharing the story of the visit four weeks later. 
Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower by night...

Hotel des invalides

Notre Dame

Rose window in the Notre Dame

Ahh... Crepes

The cobbled street

Muse de Orsay

Pont des Invalides

Le Grand Palais

Arc de Triomphe
Will post a few more pictures and I am sure Paris will keep appearing in future posts as well. It was a short trip but well worth it, something that we'll all remember and talk about for a long time.


  1. Oh my goodness, what a great idea!
    Evan wants to go to New York City and see the skyscrapers there.
    I may be able to pull it off and convince my husband if we make it school related!

    And what an amazing trip for you and your family.
    Gorgeous photos!! :)

  2. Yay!! Awesome pics Shalini! I have been waiting to read about your trip. I will be eagerly awaiting Part 2 of this series :) Hope all is well.