Thursday, July 26, 2012

Glimpses of Paris- Part II

Continuing from my previous post about the short trip to Paris...
Besides the Eiffel tower, my daughter also wanted to see Musee du Louvre. Based on our previous visit to the Louvre, when we scheduled an entire day exclusively for it and still came back unsatisfied, we knew that it is not a reasonable goal by any means to span the entire museum in this short a trip so we focused on a few famous sculptures and paintings.
I think the art of being annoying to your kids comes with the hormones of the pregnant belly that carried them, so true to my prescribed role I had my daughter browse through a kids book about the art at the Louvre museum and that gave me some tips about where I'd like to take them besides I had a few favorites from the last visit.
 Tuileries Garden outside Louvre
A half size replica of Arc de Triomphe

Louvre with the glass pyramid

Winged Victory of Samothrace

Venus de Milo statue

Psyche revived by cupid's kiss

Inverted pyramid mentioned in Da Vinci Code

Glass pyramid by night light
As much as both DH and I love Paris after about two days of hustle and bustle of city life we start craving something more rustic and quiet. One of the most popular day trip excursions from Paris is the trip to Palace of Versailles but since we had covered that on our previous trip, we took a trip to the Palace of fontainebleau, which is used to be a hunting lodge before it was upgraded to the status of a palace and is now a Museum of mostly Napoleon paraphernalia. 

The main entrance of Fontainebleau palace during Napoleon's time

One of the many exquisite chandeliers 

The library at the palace

The Chapel ceiling

Hunting grounds and the gardens

A vista view of the Castle

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  1. Awesome pictures!! Really fun reading about your trip.