Thursday, July 15, 2010

Recycle and Reuse at MIA

I think Facebook spoiled me, its so easy to share things with your friends, you post a picture tell them your emotions or your activity and you can tell the rest of the story later. But just like tomorrow, later also has a tendency to almost never show up.

So in an effort to improve my document of life here are the pictures from this Sunday, 11th July. We made a trip to the Minneapolis institute of Arts and since we go there pretty often, we just focused on the specials for the day. Art made from Recycled and Reused.

But first DH, experiencing an African wooden pillow.

These are the toys that we re-wamped using play-dough and some sparklies, dora characters are now two girls on a flying carpet, the fireman is a girl with flower, Mr. Potatohead is the snow lady, and a coin and jewel turned into a meddalian.

DH made me a necklace out of play-dough and wire

This was an out-doors project where we turned two coke bottles and a hanger into a dragonfly and then decorated it with gift wrap decoupage.

That's a big wolf made out of recycled paper and cardborads.

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  1. That is an amazing museum. Looks like you did so many fun things there. And I love your necklace!

    I agree. Facebook has made me extremely lazy in many areas these days!