Monday, December 02, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving...

Hope you all had a very happy and gratifying Thanksgiving.

For us, it was a wonderful time spent with friends and family. I literally went on a cooking marathon and loved every bit of it. I’ll try and find time to share all the recipes and tips for the dishes that DH and I ended up making, experimenting and loving…

For the main course, there was Brussels sprout on the branch, Chicken stuffed with basmati rice pilaf, Bell-pepper stuffed with spiced tofu filling, Gobhi Dum (Whole cauliflower head cooked in Indian curry spices), Jeweled cranberries (two varieties – Brandy and Orange), New baby potatoes from farmers market cooked with garlic and rosemary.
Besides cooking and cleaning and spending time with friends and family, most of my time was spent working on a project at work that’s due within the next two weeks. I’m hoping for a quieter Christmas. Be back soon with a couple more pages that I was able to squeeze in during this busy weekend. 

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