Thursday, December 05, 2013

Some more scrapbook pages...

Sharing some more scrapbook pages in this post. 
I know the going has been slow but glad that because of the goal of 50 pages, I'm still doing it otherwise it would have been easy to put it all on the back burner… Work has been very busy lately but it seems things are getting under control and I'll not have to work weekends any more and I'll be able to focus on other aspects of my life.

The Bike Ride:
This summer we biked a lot as a family and as couple on dates. It was our goal to bike together for 15 miles but we couldn't do it, not because of stamina but didn't find a long enough playdate for the kids where we could leave them and go biking. Hoping to rectify that in spring. In this page I used our selflies from various rides and included a distance/area map of the bike ride from my phone app (we use runtastic pro). A simple page with straight picture placement, the design of the background paper played well with my choice of pictures. 

World Masters:
Our daughter was the district world master Champion last school year and this page was devoted to celebrating her achievement. She was one of the youngest winners and her teachers and school were as proud as the parents. Again simple lined picture placement, I included a clipping of the newspaper article announcing her achievement and used tree and ruler symbolically for growth and measurement. The flying paper plane stands instead of the cliched 'fly'. 

Kathak outdoors:
This summer I got the opportunity to perform Kathak (North Indian Classical Dance) at the Flint hill Children's festival with my group and even though I did have any pictures of the event from my real camera, I wanted to document this event and used the couple of pictures that I had from the cellphone.

With these three layout, the tally is 6/50 pages done and 44 more to go.
And for jogging, it s 11 miles done and 39 more to go…

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  1. Great pages!!
    And I have that flower doodlebug paper in your last layout. It's one of my favorite papers by them ever! :)