Monday, July 29, 2013

Maxi summer dresses

I love quick projects; they are like instant gratification and add just the right amount of tingle in your brain to make the necessary chores around the house more bearable. So ended up making a couple of Maxi dresses for the girls over the weekend...

I had bought this fabric from Joann a couple years ago and decided to use it and give it freedom from the fabric drawer prison. Since the top of the fabric already came smocked, all I did was add an extra-long frill at the bottom to give it a Maxi length and more flair and added shoulder straps.

The second dress was a little more work than the first one. It’s a simple A-line cut on a bias. Since my first born is extra sensitive and hates the feel of the smocking threads against her skin, I chose a regular fabric instead of the pre-made and easy smocked fabric from Joann. The design was simple as I worked it out in my head but in my attempt to do everything in one go, I sewed the top frill on the reverse thus creating more work and a small amount of frustration as well.

In the end I got two happy girls with maxi summer dresses that they were wishing for, all done on a summer Saturday…

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