Friday, August 09, 2013

Quill pen

Look what I found…

I was at the thrift store and spotted this quill pen. It reminded me of the Diwali Festival celebrated in childhood back home. My dad used a quill pen that belonged to my great grandpa's to perform the puja. According to traditions, on Diwali night we'd all write prayers and they pray to the pen, offering thanks and close it for the day and the year. After a gap of a day, there would be another puja to start new financial year and we'd pray and pick up the pen and ask for blessings from God for the upcoming year.

Remember in my last Diwali post, everyone was writing prayers to the god and saying thanks. Now I just want to add the similar little desk to my collection that was used for storing family's correspondence and important papers.

Oh! I so love old pieces that tell stories...

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