Friday, February 22, 2013

Sweaters for dolls- Crocheting...

I decided to use crocheting as a medium to make sweaters for my girl's dolls to keep the warm in this cold Minnesota weather. I had learned crocheting as child from my mum and Grandma in what I recall was either third or fourth grade. I learned so many things just by watching them it is tough to say when I actually learned them. 
I have made little things off and on since then... so, here's how I made the sweaters.

Started with a simple straight chain, build around it in 5 sections as shown in the picture. 

Once the shorter edge was enough to cover the circumference of dolls arm, I connected the adjacent corners to make arm pockets and continued crocheting the length...

making progress

 finished sweater

The finished product
The girls had picked the color of the yarn for the sweaters and then decided the colors of the buttons as  well along with the flower for the hat. 

Finished the blue one while the girls were at the pool

The dolls in their new sweaters and hats
It was a quick project and a perfect one for the girls and I both.

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