Tuesday, February 05, 2013

House plants - natural accent pieces

Hubby recently bought me a Jasmine plant from Trader Joe's and it just started to bloom yesterday. 
The girls although suffering from plugged noses, impairing their olfactory senses, were able to sense the sweet smell and commented that it smells like conservatory in here. Oh! What a compliment. 

Since I have a plastic thumb that I am trying very hard to paint green by planting veggies in my patch during summer months and maintaining the house plants the rest of the year, I am still basking in the wonder of that compliment. 

Earlier in the month my orchid started to bloom too. And all the bunny chewed in sticks from my money plant (Botanical Name: Epipremnum Scindapsus Aureum) are sprouting leaves after being submerged in water for nearly six months; and ready to be planted in pots. 

I love this time in the house, while the snow on the ground is starting to look weary, the mind is drawn towards the eminent arrival of spring and the home is bustling with the pre-spring energy. The greenery in home is pretty as well as purifying, natural decorating accents that give sustained pleasure and help you ‘be’ in the moment.  This year so far I have doubled my plants selection in the house, which honestly was very minimal to begin with, but haven’t suffered from buyer’s remorse yet.

One tip that I can share that has helped me keep my plants healthy (knock on wood), is using milk cans to water the plants. This advice originally came from my friend’s mom and although my friend is lactose intolerant and feeds her plant from Soy cartons instead of real diary, it still works well. Every time you finish using a carton of milk, use it to water the plants as a means to rinse it before recycling the can.
I think besides the nutrition from the left over milk, it helps me be regular at watering the plants and that regulation is the biggest help where I am neither over watering and nor starving them to death… 

So in short, plant more plants, make more clean air, and keep yourself healthy… 

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