Monday, January 28, 2013

Indoor smores...

 Our town had been a little bit of a freezer box lately and that means, we need more sweet treats and dark chocolates to keep our spirits high...

Temperature Display in my Car (-24 C)

After making many rounds of hot chocolates we needed a variation in activity and snack size as well. 
We decided to try smores made in Microwave instead of an open bon fire. As usual the ingredients and the recipe is in the pictures and it is a really fun activity if you have chefs under the age of 5 in your household :-)

Chocolate cookies, tiny marshmallows and semi sweet
baking chocolate morsels.

Place cookies upside down and melt marshmallow on top

Press chocolate morsels in the melted marshmallow and
complete the cookie sandwich

Although it was ready to eat at the previous step,
I like my chocolate goo-ey so popped it in the microwave
one quick time.

1) This can be a play date activity for kids who cannot be managed around ovens for baking cookies instead.

2) I have made indoor smores with traditional ingredients, Graham Crackers, Dagoba Dark chocolate and regular Marshmallows, in the microwave as well and they work just as well but I think tiny smores are cuter, fun-er and you don't have to ration them for kids ;-)

Hope you enjoy it as much as my girls and hubby... 

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