Friday, January 03, 2020

2020 word of the year – Aware!

I have been choosing guiding word for the year since 2007 and whether I consciously analyze it or not, in the hind sight it always seems to bring forth experiences in line with the intention I set for the year. 

This year I’d want to be more aware about my existence on this earth. 
Aware of how I spend my time, my money, my attention… 

More aware of who grows my food and how. More aware of the choices I make when I choose to eat out and the hidden ingredients that seem to sneak in. More aware of how my meats are raised and how much of it am I consuming.

Aware of the clothes that I use and my actual need for them. The clothes that I do buy, who makes them, are the makers fairly compensated for it. What happens to the clothes that I decide to discard from my closet. 
Aware of my thoughts and my actions. What is my motivation and what impact are my actions or reaction creating. 
Last year's word for the year was connect. And although my hope was to connect more within the community, it was focused inwards and I realized all the things that I didn’t know before. Just sitting with yourself and your thoughts can create so much awareness and I hope to continue to do the same. 

I don’t want to set out goals since I don’t yet know what I’m not aware of, but I guess the years forward will guided by this word. But I do have a rough process that I intend to follow. 

I’d like to join a CSA (community supported Agriculture) for my and family’s need for fresh produce, so we can eat in season and support the sustainable farming methods. 
I’d like to limit the number of clothes that I buy/acquire in the year to 12, and that includes everything from socks and undergarments to saris. 
I’d like to limit my media consumption and enforce screen time usage on my phone and find more time to finish the books that I have started reading and never finished. 
I’d like to maintain a food and health journal, so I can keep track of my migraines and health issues as well as my eating habits. 
I’d like to continue my breathing and meditation practice and get in at least 300 – 10-minute sessions in the entire year. 
I’d like to categorize and organize my crafting supplies and be more aware of the stuff I already have and map out a plan to complete projects that are still relevant. 

With all that hopes and promises, Happy New Year! 
Would love to hear about your intentions for the year! 

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  1. I love your word!

    This is the first year I did not pick a word. I just needed a break I think. Or I might pick it up again at some point this year.