Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not so spooky Halloween story...really Long

My parents left for India on Halloween day. I was very emotional and so I couldn’t work and took off early. On my way home, I realized that the home is going to be empty and I really don’t want to go home. So I picked up Divya from Day Care, (Saumya had a special Halloween snack and I didn’t want her to miss it) and went to Michael’s Store for some art/shopping therapy. My 10 layouts were not complete so I knew I was breaking the rule but I couldn’t help it.
Anyways, I didn’t want to push a shopping cart and a baby stroller at the same time so I picked up Divya hoping to find the shopping cart with Baby carrier and marched in. Of course, I was not able to find the much needed cart and that was a sign that I shouldn’t shop more than I could carry but I took no notice…
At the check out counter, there was a petite lady, much older than my Mom but same body structure, she reminded me of my Mom and Dad and I became even more emotional. She started admiring Divya who was in her Halloween costume, a Piglet.
Since I was holding Divya and all the things, it was tough for me to take out the wallet and swipe the credit card. The check out lady in the softest voice possible said, “Can I help?” I, not being in the best of my mood, didn’t see it coming…so she clarified, No, I really mean to help, is there anyway? I said, “No, I’ll be able to manage on my own and I am shopping just to distract myself.” She got curious and asked me the details. By the end of it, my voice was wavering even though I tried to control myself.
She came to the front of the counter and gave me a big hug. She really held me like a Mom would hold her daughter…
The checkout lines were empty and so she could talk to me in leisure. She asked me, when I can see my parents again, if they can move here, if I plan to go back…a ton of questions that made me very uncomfortable. She probably sensed it and then said, “you know what, I have no grand children and I’d love to see this little angel (pointing to Divya) again so whenever you miss your Mom, come on over and we’ll talk…and she gave me a big hug, again.
I was so touched…
She then accompanied me to the door, showing me pretty flowers and colors and talking about Indian movies. I could see that she is trying to distract me, just like you would do that to a small child. I have never experienced that kind of kindness from a stranger; I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t speak…its tough to overcome that kind of emotions.

Thank God for such special people, they make the world a wonderful place to live…

Even though I plan to stop by the store again and express my gratitude for that day, I am bumped that I didn’t even ask her name or even tried to look at her name tag. I was too involved in my emotions and I totally missed it…

Now when I hear about horror stories of check out girls, I going to add my two cents and tell them no two people are alike and it’s not nice to measure everybody with the same yard stick.

And since you made it to the end of such a long post, here is a picture of my Pooh and Piglet from the Halloween Party. The lighting wasn’t very good so I’ll try to re-shoot at a later date.


  1. They look adorable in their costumes! :0)
    And what a special story!
    You are right about not judging people using the same yardstick.
    I made a promise to myself a while ago that I would not judge others until I am a perfect person. And since that will never happen ;0) I try not to judge others.

  2. Oh, honestly, good they get any cuter?!?! They are so adorable, and I love that you had a theme with them! I need to do that with my kids, sometime!

    I love the story, Shalini. It is very touching and sweet, and I'm glad that she was there to brighten your day a little bit.

    Hugs, sweetie!

  3. both of them look so cute...lots of hugs and kissess from polly mami to both of them..

  4. Okay you got me weeping. What a sweet lady you were fortunate to encounter that day. I'm sure she will be looking out for you on a future visit.
    And a super cute photo to end the story!