Thursday, May 16, 2013

Upcoming Kathak show - Sadhana 2013

Sadhana is a Sanskrit word literally explained as "a means of accomplishing something". 
It describes discipline and dedicated practice or learning, especially in the regions of rhythms and balance like music, dance, yoga, spiritual practice of any kind... etc. 
In pursuits where mind and body need to play together.

It is no wonder that my Kathak guru Rita ji, chose 'Sadhana' as the name for the annual recitals for the Katha Dance school. And it is with pride and joy that I ask you to come watch the show this Sunday (19th May) at O'Shaughnessy 

The show will feature a wide spectrum of dancers, from little ones to beginner adult dancers along with the veterans of the field presenting the sneak peeks of the upcoming Kathak show in Canada. 
If you are looking for inspiration and enjoy listening to musical stories shared through dangling bells, rhythmic footwork and array of rich sparkling colors, it sure is something that cannot be missed. 
And if you are a foodie, there is also going to be Indian snacks and hot tea available during the intermission.

Please stop by to say Hello! if you are at the show. 

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