Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sari for Discomania

When I saw Holly Becker's call for participation in the discomania virtual blogger party, I decided to dress up in a sari.
I love to wear sari, it always fits, on me and for the occasion as well, thanks to the variety of fabrics and designs available. When I shared this blog party idea with DH, he was game and took pictures and offered suggestions.
I wore two saris, the first one in peach color with net fabric. It has sequins sewn throughout the entire length and has extra bling in the front, most appropriate for this party.

The second sari that I chose is more traditional in color and although the added gems and stones is a modern touch, the embroidery and the design stems from olden day techniques. DH asked me to pose like an old fashioned bride and I readily agreed. 

Hope, the virtual party or the glimpses of it were fun for you too...