Saturday, September 08, 2012

Dear Daughter...

My friend, fellow scrapbooker and blogger, Mary Jo has provided me with plenty of inspiration in the past, as I had mentioned and this time again she managed to stir me into action.

I posted a picture of my daughters on their first day of school on Facebook and while everyone else commented for and wished the girls, she asked me, 'How am I feeling?' that shifted my focus towards me and about the role that I am playing as the kids transition on to a new year in school.
Then she posted a scrapbooking challenge on craft your nest blog about writing a letter in your layout, which gave me a chance to put my feelings into words and document it for future.
The stirring and the challenge resulted into a scrapbook layout, something that I had not done in quite sometime...

The focus on this page is the letter that I wrote to my daughter as she is transitioning into third grade with minimal embellishment and literally no clutter. The journaling states...

                   --------------------------------- THE LETTER------------------------------------
Dear Daughter,

Sweetheart this week you started 3rd Grade and although it might seem like just another transition to a new grade at elementary school, I am realizing that it is a major milestone for both of us.
I see you trying hard to balance between the big girl roles that you are expected to play as a third grader and yet trying to remain Mamma’s little girl. You are discovering the freedom to fly away independent of constant supervision and then returning under my wings for reassurance. I realize your struggle and find successes while you remain unaware of it and I know it’s impossible for me to show my support in words but I am trying very hard to be there for you when you need me yet giving you ample room to explore, grow and form your own thoughts.
This is just a first step for us to build trust as things are going to get more convoluted as time passes but we just have to know that we will be there for each other, to listen and to support.

You are an amazing big sister and the bond between the two of you is something that I cherish, it will be a foundation that will be a rescue raft for when you encounter a storm in your later years. Sometimes you act as a first layer of filter between the seemingly silly questions your sister might throw at her parents and at other times she pushes you to face your own fears and not be afraid of expressing yourself. You take your role as a big sister very seriously and I am proud of you for being a wonderful role model.

As you are discovering your personality apart from the shadow of your parents and even though you are very much your own person, it’s very interesting to identify little quirks in your mannerisms’ of your Dad and I that you have inherited. You have a strong sense of music and there is certain type of music that demands your entire focus and disturbs your own standing just like your Dad’s. I haven’t been able to pin point it but in past six months I can almost anticipate when you’ll ask me to switch songs because the music is messing with your thoughts and peace of mind.

As you are growing into big girls shoes, trying to make peace with the fact that you are the youngest third Grader in your school and not as tall as other classmates, and trying very hard to win approval of your parents and your teachers, I want you to know that you are loved for who you are and you shouldn’t hesitate to explore your own path for the fear of not meeting expectations.
You have above you a whole new sky that at times might be unavailable for other adults to reach because we are too set in our patterns and in our rules; you shouldn’t restrict your imagination and thoughts for what we cannot comprehend and just believe that we are here for you to hold you up as far as we can so you can touch the stars. 

Thank you Mary Jo for the inspiration and the challenge... 


  1. I LOVE it! :)
    I'm so glad you took the challenge and you have such an amazing page!!

  2. Lovely letter Shalini! So beautifully written. I am sure Saumya will look back and cherish this. Good Luck with this transition and many more to come.