Monday, January 02, 2012


I am a ‘Doer’ and so when this word popped up as an inspiration for the ‘word of the year’ in my mind, I had to dig deeper and realize what prompted the thought and it wasn’t difficult to see what I am being guided into.

‘Do’ with intention, attention to detail and a big picture plan.
If you have read me before, you know I believe in the universe and look for signs while following my intuition closely. So, it’s tough to ignore signs when it’s asking you to ‘do’. I have to explain this in the same thought process as it came to me so pardon me if it feels choppy or random blathering…

I am constantly busy and setting 15 minute times to attend to chores is a most favored way of getting it done. If you noticed my graph for the miles run, it had most miles in the week before I was set to finish it; make a last minute push which is just in time that you still maintain the illusion that you finished it comfortably and you still have energy left over. If I set a target to practice my dance 25 times before my Saturday class, I usually squeeze them all in on Friday night… Do you notice a pattern here?

Yes, I ‘do’ too and I’d like to change that. Faith, intuition and belief that it will all work out is wonderful perspective to hold close to your heart but it doesn’t replace the work that needs to go into pulling it together and I have never been afraid of work, may be lazy at times but never afraid to work.
And work is beautiful; it shows and feels good to ‘DO’…

So the plan is to do with intentions of getting it ‘done’ and not in a last minute rush but at a steady pace following a plan and monitoring progress… I have made a few goals, some that I can quantify and express like the list below and others that I’d rather not because I’d rather drink 64 ounces of water each day than set an yearly target and meet it by mid-year and exhaust the allowed water quota for the rest of the year…
LOL! Ya, I am totally capable of doing that.

In 2012, I plan to…

Run 500 miles

Bike/Walk 250 miles with family (in addition to personal runs)

Make 366 Scrapbook pages

Do 12 art projects (paintings)

Document my projects better at work

Chart a path for my dream artisan project

Focus more on consumption and less on acquisition

Nurture and grow

Drink more water

Eat more vegetables

Better attend to the household chores

Finish old projects before starting new ones

Take action


I found this inspirational quote at Karen Russell’s blog and it will serve as a perfect lighthouse during stormy weather… Where will I be in a year from now?

Where will you be?

Time is inevitably going to pass and one year from today,
You can find yourself in the exact same spot you're in now,
You can find yourself further away from your goal or
You can find yourself closer to your goal –
So where do you want to be a year from now?

BTW, Happy New Year 2012


  1. Great quote! Just pinned it on Pinterest :)

  2. Mary Jo, Can you please tell me more about Pintrest. I'd like to start but I am a little hesitant.