Monday, September 21, 2015

Memory Keeping Prompts by HS, Day 24 thru 30

Day 24: The Good Stuff…
I am thankful and touched by Heidi Swapp's courage to share her personal tragedy so openly with the rest of us. I'm sure there are many things that she's not sharing but one can feel what she and the rest of her family must be going through even without explicit words. She made me realize that sharing true life matters even if it is messy. I'd not have dared to share this picture a few months ago but something has shifted in my psyche and the unpacked boxes, TV on the floor, lumpy poufs, unadorned mantle don't disturb me as much, even though I do notice them all. What matters is the perfect moment of peace and joy with all of us present (two of us are in the reflections on the window pane), happy, healthy and surrounded in love… that is 'the good stuff'.

Day 25: Don't mind if I do…
Spend the entire day on the hammock reading a book. We have had this hammock for almost two years but never had the time or the weather to really enjoy it so now that I am enjoying my time off from work, it seemed like a perfect idea to spend the day under the tree. Once the girls got home from school, they took turns reading in the garden.

Day 26: Shine down on me
I've a strong faith in the universe and that everything happens for a reason but there are some days when extra prayers are needed to go through the day. This picture was of the Janamashtami festival, celebrating the birth and life story of Lord Krishna.

Day 27: Having the best time…
On the pool side enjoying our respective drinks, Root Beer Float, Sprite Float, Brandy… having the best time!

Day 28: Say yes to 'Sleeping in'
After a hectic work week, it feels wonderful to allow myself to sleep in and not feel guilty about it. 

Day 29: Hello! Love
Maggi noodles is the equivalent of ramen noodles of India, only a spicier version and we all have fond memories of it from our childhood, including my girls, they absolutely love it too. After the recent food controversy in India where the lead content in the spice packet was found too high and it was banned from Indian markets, we were shocked and hesitant to eat Maggi. I tried but couldn't throw away that last packet and ended up making it just for the old time sake...

Day 30: Note to Self
After 30 days of memory keeping, looking through and taking new pictures based on prompts by Heidi Swapp, I'm sold on the idea that memories are mine to keep and to share. 
Pictures are tangible memories of the fleeting moments, and I want to hold as many of them as possible.

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