Friday, September 16, 2016

Rounding up the Figs!

Its Fig season in northern California and there are some good figs starting to appear in the local farmers market. And you know it's been really busy at work lately so haven't had a chance to visit a good eatery last few weeks. Team lunches these days are sandwiches and salads from the corner deli and while its good for sustenance but not worthy of a blog post. So, here I am talking about Figs from the local Farmer's market.  

I love fresh figs. For most of my young life I preferred dried figs over the fresh ones but once I tried California figs (Whole foods in Minnesota used to carry it too), I don't discriminate any more in fact I actively look for fresh Figs when they are in season. These are some different ways I served it to my family this past week besides just raw...
As dessert: Served it with ricotta cheese topped with raw honey and a drizzle of maple syrup.
As appetizer: Paired it with wine, cheese and crackers: These figs were very firm and not too juicy so they paired really well with the saltiness of the hard cheese. Served it with aged gouda.
As salad: This by far is my most favorite combination: Fig with Chevre. 
Served here on a bed of mixed green (baby arugula adds the astringent bite) with Chevre (goat milk cheese) and Prosciutto (Italian ham) topped with light vinaigrette and a dash of dill.  
Hope this post inspires you to check out what’s fresh in your local farmers market and how you can incorporate it into your slow, delicious and preservative free meals.

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