Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wandering through thoughts of Mexico...

Some thoughts of Mexico as I revisited it in my thoughts and through my pictures

-Although there are pictures of me taken on the Cancun trip, this is my only beach picture(and for once I am not angry at DH for this gross negligence).

-People in Mexico are very helpful and genuinely good-hearted.

-Tips are a big thing there, with tips basket in the restroom too, weird...

-Both kids love sand but hate the splashing waves, they love the pool though

-Divi and Mexicans have some special connection; I didn’t find a single soul there who didn’t at least smile at her, most people talked to her, some picked her up and carried her around and almost everybody gave special incentive to her family because of her.

-I am a foodie, I just can’t say no to good food, my favorite on the trip was pan seared fish with rice pilaf and fresh salsa

-Tourists there wear proper clothes only when they need to eat, otherwise they are in bikinis all the time and carry their shorts, tank-top and flip-flops in the beach bag.

Sunburn takes more than two weeks to fade away.

I want to save money so that some day I can afford a home on the beach

I have to remember to not send our kids to Mexico with friends when they are teenagers...


  1. Sounds as if you had a wonderful time!! Love the photo!!

  2. Sounds like a fun vacation! I would love to have a home on the beach in Hawaii...

    Keep dreaming.

  3. FAbulous photos....and it sounds like a fabulous idea...a house on the beach, when can I come? Your birthday party for Divya sounded like a great success and a lot of fun. She looked adorable.

  4. Love these thoughts...especially the last one! :)

    You need to put this photo and this exact post on a scrapbook page!

  5. Fabulous photo Shalini. Sounds like you have a brill time away.