Saturday, April 24, 2010

A fun Saturday- Documenting A week in Life

Day 7:
Saturdays are always special around here... kids get fruit loops ( sugar loaded cereal) for breakfast and at night they get to sleep in Mamma-Daddy bed. Its a day for treats for them...
The tradition started as an incentive for being nice all week but now they take it as their birth right with no regards to behavior clues that we keep reminding them of.

Anyways, I snoozed the alarm twice and then shut if off and slept in, after breakfast and some cleaning up I left for my dance class. Like kids we also treat ourselves to special (loaded with sugar and calories) cereal on the weekends.
I drive about 35-40 miles each way to get to my dance class and today the wet weather did not make for a pretty drive but the dance class was intensive. Our annual school dance show is coming up in about a month so lots of extra practice and rigorous routines, I like it when I get a good workout at dance class...

After the class, we met at Peiwei for lunch where kids had chicken nuggets carried out from Arby's, I had Thai dynamite with Shrimp and DH had kung pao. The plan was to drive to the library straight away but we took care of some errands while kids took a little cat nap.

After the library visit, DH took the kids for a stroll along the river while I sat in the car and browsed through books. We came back and had tea with edamame seeds as snacks. DH and kids planned to grill for dinner so I decided to go for a run, today's tally: 3.9 miles, 35 minutes... I guess the route I took today had many slopes LOL!!!

DH is finally getting a hang of my need to document the days and so he shot a picture of my sweaty self as soon as I entered the house and of the wine for the evening while I was gone...

The evening was fun with more chit chats and some music, some discipline issues and then as kids retired in our bed, we both found our respective computers for company. And although DH brought me the camera from downstairs so I can complete the documentation, I am gonna wait till tomorrow to upload the pictures... Oops, its already tomorrow (an old joke between DH and I)

Anyways, one more day to go and then I put all this together in an album and see how did I do in collecting words, quotes and memorabilia for these seven days...

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend to me. Hope you gets lots more relaxing ones.
    Haven't been to your blog in a while. And you've been blogging regularly. That's fab. Wish I could be the same!!