Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flowers for Home decor... & more

Fresh Flowers are such an important ingredient for any decoration or adoration that the more you can get the better. For me personally every trip to the local Trader Joe's includes a flower bouquet purchase. 

This past Sunday was the Concert of the Legends where Pt. Birju Maharaj and Ustad Zakir Hussain was performing and my dance school 'Katha Dance Theatre' was organizing the event. Among many other things, I was also in charge of buying flowers for the event. I looked around and decided to check out local farmers market to see if I could haggle and get a good price. But once I reached there I was surprised to find beautiful flower bouquets at very reasonable price. I walked around to see the choices available and found a stall that was making bouquets on order based on the flowers you pick for under $10.00. We were on a restricted budget and very dime that a non-profit organization saves goes back to serving the community better and we couldn't ask for more. 

The prices were so good that I couldn't haggle and besides I am pretty bad at bargaining anyways. The best part about keeping your business local is that you form a connection with your grower and the relation has to be honest for it to last. When I picked a few one day old flowers, she initially refused but since they were the biggest hot pink flowers available and I really wanted it she added them to my bouquet for free. And not just that since we bought a huge load of flowers and were planning to leave them in our car while finishing the rest of the shopping they borrowed us their flower bucket so we can keep the flowers in the water. And like a good business person ensured that we'll be back to return the bucket and perhaps buy more flowers. And frankly for that price who can resist, function or not all home can use fresh flowers to brighten things up. 

These are just some pictures that I took from my phone while the flower lady was putting the bunches together. So the unexpected visit to the flower shop in farmer market proved that local is better, fresher and sustainable... 


  1. I don't use fresh flowers near enough!

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