Monday, November 23, 2009

No Cinderella in this household – Halloween Pictures

I think I have already expressed some of my rather strong opinion about the commercialization of Princesses stories and filling every little girls mind with dreams of being somebody else rather than themselves. So, when my sweet little daughter expressed her wish about being a Cinderella for Halloween, I almost threw a fit, well in a very subtle way. I told her that if she wants to be Cinderella, she can scrub the floor and clean the dishes and then in the end sit in the corner of the room and hope that a fairy would show up and bring her the dress. And I said, I really like that idea cause then I don’t need to make any dress for her.
Guess what, she didn’t want to be Cinderella anymore…

Both Saumya and Divya were dressed as fairy princesses.

On a similar note but at a different conversation, while Saumya’s Barbie was sitting on a pretend tower waiting for her Prince to arrive, I suggested that she read a book rather than waste her time just sitting and doing nothing. And during the course of conversation, while I enquired about her Barbie’s interests and skills; I was pleasantly surprised to find that she actually went to school (4 years of college) to be a nurse cause she really likes to help people. My girl now knows me now and can anticipate my questions…

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