Thursday, March 11, 2010

Have you been poked?

Oh! No, I don’t mean poked on the Facebook, I mean the real poke when are nudged to a side or moved away. Well sometimes somebody nudges you away and you see how you have been saved from an imminent danger and you say Oh! Thank God but then there might be times when you really don’t see what wall you just avoided and then it happens over and over and although it doesn’t hurt but it kind of gets annoying.

That has been happening a lot these days. You know God’s invisible hand not just nudging me but sometimes pushing and shoving me into remote unfamiliar territories. I took it in stride for the first few times but lately I am questioning my own passiveness in this whole scheme of things. While I am being pushed into circumstances’ that I did not care for in the first place and trying to be upbeat about it, am I shrugging away from the responsibilities for my life. Is that faith in God actually counter-productive and I am just shying away from the pain that today is causing me and hiding behind a hope that an unforeseen tomorrow is going to bring.

I feel like a mass of mud sitting on a potter’s wheel, whirling one moment and panting at the other and all that somebody else's instigation. I think it’s my malleability that’s making me perfect for these nips and tucks but this amount of sensitivity is causing extra pain. The wetness of my soul and that of my eyes is a delicate equilibrium, I can mold as easily as easily I recoil into a deformed shape. The potter is a great artist and in his hands I am being pinched, pushed, scraped and carved and although at the end of it all I must turn out a beautiful piece but for now, these nudges are not just annoying but sometimes despite my best intensions and strong faith they hurt too...

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  1. (lol) My first thought was Facebook! How sad is that.
    On a serious note though, I understand what you are saying. I find myself resisting though. A lot.
    And resisting causes pain as well to an extent. It's so hard to know which direction to go sometimes.