Monday, April 19, 2010

Documenting a week in Life (19th through 25th April 2010)

I am doing this project with Ali Edwards, documenting a week of my life starting today. Deepali, my SIL might join me in this project or atleast she'll keep tabs on me and promised to keep me motivated.

Why: Well, the main reason I want to do it is because despite my extremely busy schedule every time I look back, I think so what did I do so far? And even though capturing the seemingly mundane is not a measure of what I accomplished it does give me an insight into the things I tried to do. Besides, I need some inspiration to get back into scrapbooking and this is a project that I wanted to do for quite some time.

What: What do I wish to achieve? I wish to have a documented record of our life, activities, routines, interests and the other components of life that I might otherwise fail to notice. I plan to include some of these things in the final document: pictures of kids activities, the books they and I read, the art work they make, the dinner I cook, may be log my running sometime or the dance practice, the places I shop at and the restaurant I eat at. At the end of the week I wish to have pictures and notes put into categories for each day and the following week I will arrange them into a 12x12 pages. My plan is to have two white background pages and one pockets page with 4x4 pockets to fill with the memorabilia, pictures, words and quotes.
I plan to include these pages in my 2010 family year book and later if I ended up doing too many of these I might actually have a separate book for these projects.

I have printed out daily calendar pages from my outlook calendar at work and will populate them as I go.

When: It’s the toughest question to answer. I plan to record my day as I go and upload pictures at the end of each day. Also, my plan is to have a summary of the day kind of paragraph for each day that I’ll compile at the end of the day, right before my bedtime reading.

So with that plan in place I start today and a glitch as I started, I forgot to bring my camera today and I am faced with a choice, do I start tomorrow or just go with the flow… My decision… Go with the flow… I do have my cell phone to take pictures with and I’ll make sure to take more filler pictures in the rest of the week to populate today’s page.

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