Friday, August 05, 2011

What does design really is?

I follow some (read ‘many’) design blogs and websites and they provide tons of inspirations but at times I am baffled by the content they present and cannot stop wondering if they are getting paid for showing us the item in good light?

May be that’s what trends are, a few people like things and put them together and then since those talented designers happen to be famous, others just start copying and recreating the look.

Is it worth it to live your life and surround yourself with a color palette and things that a famous designer put together in a house and family very dissimilar to your own?

I am asking these questions of myself as I was getting obsessed with what the latest trends are and then getting worried that my decorating plans were not coinciding with the latest. And sad still if they did coincide it was for a very brief period and then it was not the top of the trend anymore. How I let myself be influenced by my unnatural surroundings and sometimes I seek out these magazines and websites just to beat myself with the feeling that I am not keeping up with the trends.

I mean really, how it matters if my wall colors are beige or grey or white but I find a peaceful resort there. And how does it matter that my feet find comfort in platform shoes when stilettos are the in thing. Yes, it’s easy to say in words that it should not matter but tough, at least for me, to be totally influence free, I am trying though.

Okay so it is one thing to be inspired by a décor and then trying to recreate it with things that you actually love but painting a perfectly fine wood furniture to match a décor in the magazine or buying an old French book to elevate the glass jar and arranging roses when its tulip season, isn’t that going too far? I think it is…

It is not design when people suspend their own thinking and knowledge to what is good for them and instead finds comfort in blindly following a life that is remote and completely not their own.

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