Sunday, September 18, 2011

A day of alternate plans

When I started planning this post, I intended to write about how it is best to flow with life and that sometimes what we wish doesn’t really happen but if we let go, we realize that what is happening is even more wonderful than the original plan. And all these pictures were supposed to accompany the original intention and what really panned out, but I decided to go against my own plan and let the pictures speak for themselves cause it is important to cherish what we have rather than living in a ‘what could have been’.

Besides it been a long time since I did a pictures only post, so here it is…

My daughter's first kathak dance class

Petting a hen at Farmers' Market

Feeding a lamb at Farmers' Market 

Pedal power smoothie

Basket full of finger puppets from Peru

Mill Stone Farmers Market

Fresh baked bread

Supplier of our cheese for the week

Home spun wool from sheep


Guthrie Theatre from Mill City Farmers' Market

After a picnic lunch of French Bread, Tomme cheese and chocolate croissant

An afternoon with sprinklers

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