Monday, October 07, 2013

Meet Leah from Sprickets Pottery

I met Leah at a Birthday party where she had brought the experience of pottery painting to little kids in the comfort of a home. It was a fun party and as much as the kids enjoyed it, the better part was watching the creative juices of adults running wild as they helped the little ones.

Remember I had mentioned decorating the 'Finger print Salsa Plate' with preschoolers for the school fundraiser. It was a tough task to excuse little kids from their classroom activities so that they can donate their finger prints to my art plate while maintaining complete silence as they walked in the lobby of the school to the craft room; and then expecting them to go back to their class and jump right back into their respective activities. I wish I had discovered Sprickets Pottery then and it could be a lunch hour activity or an after school activity for the little kids. But I am glad I could connect with her...

Once I discovered Sprickets, Leah became part of our school activities and it is wonderful to have the set up outdoors and paint under the blue sky and sometimes on windy days as well.
Leah agreed to give a brief interview about the work that she does and I hope with this post more folks can discover a local business that facilitates art.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a Commercial post. I am not benefitting from posting about this business.
I think that 'Sprickets Pottery' is a beautiful & creative opportunity for families and friends to come together and create art and memories in the comfort of a place of your choice. 

The interview follows...

Q1.            Tell us something about yourself?
I have been a stay at home mom for the past 10 years and have enjoyed every minute of that time.  I have learned through volunteering at the elementary and through The Minneapolis Institute of Art's, "Art Adventure" program, that I love to help children and adults express creativity in a group atmosphere.  
Picture Courtesy: Leah from Sprickets Pottery
Q2.             What was the inspiration behind ‘sprickets pottery’ and how did you come upon this idea to take the pottery to people instead of inviting them to your location?  

I enjoy hosting friends and family in my own home. There are many like me that want to share the warmth and comfort of their own home too.  I help them bring people together for a unique experience.

Picture Courtesy: Leah from Sprickets Pottery
Q3.             Since you take the experiences to where the people are and then bring pieces back home to work the magic in the kiln. Your family must play an important role. 

My family is very supportive and sees how much I  love this model.  My daughter, who is in 7th grade, has recently started helping with larger events in churches and schools.  It is wonderful to have her by my side and to watch her grow and she learns what great service is about.

Picture Courtesy: Leah from Sprickets Pottery
Q4.            Do you have any advice for readers who’d like to plan a pottery party, how much room it would require and what sort of equipment would they need to set up. What age group is it most conducive for?  

This type party is perfect for all ages above 5 years old.  I  help with parties of mixed generations, kid's birthdays, seniors groups and lots of Ladies' get-togethers.  Not much space is needed, a seat for each painter.  I have even had "picnic" style parties on the floor.

Q5.             Since custom pottery and statement pieces are quite a rage in home decor, do you have any words for those who perhaps don’t consider themselves the ‘creative types’. What is the first step, should they find an inspirational piece?  

I always encourage artists to bring a design, color or piece along with them.  Many people simply trace a design directly onto the piece or use the our collection of stickers/stencils to apply family names.  We also have many "blooming" types of glaze mixtures that produce unique organic looks requiring zero artistic ability.

Picture Courtesy: Leah from Sprickets Pottery
Q6.             On your website, you suggest pottery painting is not just for kids but can be fun and relaxing for adults as well besides being a memorable family activity for all. Suggest some occasions where folks can plan to do this activity in an adult only setting.  

I just helped with a very large extended family reunion, included grandparents, aunts, uncles and LOTS of grandkids.  I also help with many religious organizations for community bonding and I have a bacholerette party next month.

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