Friday, December 12, 2014

Gelataria - Venchi

Beautiful thing about taking too many pictures while on a trip is the longer duration required to process them and every single time you revisit those memories, its like a 'staycation'.
I apologize for taking longer to share my Italy trip pictures and intermingling with other posts but I am planning to create a link in the side bar that would show all the Italy pictures and posts at a glance. Till then just go to labels and pick Italy from the list for a series of all Italy related posts. 

Now coming back to the topic, Gelato, as I said before, fueled us during our whirlwind trip through the towns of Italy. Gelato is available at every street corner in a small shops along with café and water and they all carry very similar flavors, strawberry, pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, espresso, hazelnut… etc. Almost every city we went to we tried Gelato and they were all refreshingly delightful but this particular shop remains vivid in my memory.

It was our last day in Italy and while roaming in Rome, trying to be funny, and short on cash we were looking for a shop that would take credit cards. ATM fees are not worth it if you want to draw smaller denomination of currency so we want to avoid it since we were leaving the Euro zone the very next day.  
So just around the corner from the Pantheon, we discovered the very stylish Gelateria named 'Venchi'.

It had all the usual flavors sold in other places but there was uniqueness to them, they weren't flamboyant in their colors with strawberry pink and pistachio green and all the names were mentioned in Italian. We ordered Fragola (Strawberry), Café Espresso, Pistacchio di bronte and cuor di cacao… each of them fruity and nutty and special in their own essence.

Our Beautiful, non- english speaking and polite server

They had some wonderful combinations in ice-cream that I absolutely love in chocolates like ‘dark chocolate and orange’ and that just pushed it over the limit for me…

Look at that wall of chocolate in the background... yum!

Anyways, I came back from the trip and found that Venchi was given 4.5 stars out of 5 on tripadvisor so I knew that others love it as much as we did. And the Venchi website shares the ABC of Gelato listing the ingredients in their ice-creams and that explains the lack of flamboyant (artificial) colors in their ice-cream and my instant affinity towards this subtlety…  

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