Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bouquets to Art - de Young, San Francisco

A couple weeks ago I took a solo trip to the de Young Museum of Fine Arts in San Francisco. I had been to de Young before but this trip was solely for visiting the Bouquets to Art. I was missing Minnesota and the MN Institute of Art usually hosts a similar exhibition in last week of April, the Art in Bloom. So, while I was setting out to experience something new in a new place, the trip was instigated by a very warm place in nostalgia.  

I came back with almost a thousand pictures between my DSLR and mobile pictures and it was an enormous quantity to share them all without them loosing their intensity. So, I picked a few that really spoke to me and also served as a good inspiration for trying to create a vignette in our home around the art work that we love. Hope these set of pictures inspire you to create with a new perspective...

This is my most favorite arrangement, the depth of this piece and mother and child representation in the vine hanging from a vase wrapped in barb spoke to me on a much deeper level, about motherhood, about the females across this world and about the sacrifice that nurturing demands...

The yellow buggy made of mums
Hanging flower arrangement against a digital wall paper in the main hall

The minimalist approach of this representation raptured my attention for a long while 

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