Friday, August 19, 2016

Pronto –Fresh Italian cuisine…

One of the joys of life for me is sharing food and drinks with friends and family, and being a foodie I love good food, home cooked or not. Most places that I have worked at, have always been good about making Fridays a little slow with more emphasis on team building and of course, team lunches.
So I thought, why not start a virtual Friday lunch with all my friends and co-worker that I left behind in Minnesota and some that are now spread all over the world.
To start with let’s visit Pronto, on the corner of 16th and O Street in downtown Sacramento. Summer is still young and vibrant in the Golden State and that means fresh produces and delectable salads are what’s appealing to me.
I loved the fresh ingredients and unexpected combinations of flavors on the menu.
I had Caribbean Salmon Salad with spiced salmon, mango, red peppers, chopped pecans, goat cheese served with poppy seed dressing. The fried but not battered salmon provided perfect punch of flavor to the mixed greens. Mango added an unexpected burst of sweetness and tanginess complimented by crunch of pecans that are definitely healthier than croutons and of course nothing speaks summer flavor more loudly that the chevre (goat cheese).
All in all, a wonderful combination of ingredients and well proportioned. Easy to re-create at home and light enough for a lunch at work.
My friend tried the Farmer’s Market salad and she loved it. Her favorite thing on the salad was corn croutons which was served on a bed of mixed lettuce, roasted chicken, corn, avocado, tomatoes, dates, goat cheese and almond served with tarragon dressing. Again the flavors were well balanced but most importantly the ingredients were all farm fresh.
We both agreed that we’ll be back at this restaurant again…


  1. Miss you - wish we were going out for lunch.

  2. I miss you too Cindy, let me know when you finalize plans for Yosemite.