Monday, March 27, 2017

Bath renovation ideas...

Universe never seem to deliver on your terms... it just does when it does!
I'm gonna skip the background story and just mention that we had some extensive water damage in our house last month which has forced us to look into remodeling bathrooms in our house.
Although it was on my wish list to update the bathroom when we moved in last year but right now is not a convenient time for a remodel... but as they say, be careful what you wish for!
Needless to say its been stressful around here, it seems no good contractor is available to work on an emergency remodeling project, most of them are booked months in advance. So, while I wait to for the schedule of plumber and dry-wall guy and carpenter to line up, I decided its a good time to go on an inspiration trip on the internet.
I like clean and straight lines and white for me is the best color when it comes home décor, its peaceful, calm and timeless.

One would think you pick the color, pick the style and that's the end of decoration decision making but nope its just the start which led me to list the things and details that appeal to me and would go with the character of  our current house.
Below are a few looks that I'd like to achieve, within reason of course...
Hexagon tiles and black countertop
Rectangular Vessel sink
Hexagon tiles, although flowers might be too traditional
White vessel on black counter is appealing, not too crazy about the faucet

Lots of White, dash of black and some greenery, Perfect!

Overall, I'm liking the idea of black and white bathroom and vessel sinks, definitely two of them (sinks) with brushed nickel fittings. I think for energy savings, LED lighting might be a better idea.
Still deciding what to do with the mirror, keep going back and forth between two mirrors one above each sink or a big one that spans the entire width, that might be decided by the renovation budget, once we do the numbers.
Share your opinions and experiences, if you will and I'll keep you posted about the outcome. And once its ready, I'll share some before and after pictures as well.


  1. We've done two bathrooms. I have a fancy sink like you are looking at (mine is oval) - we bought a regular cabinet and cut the top and back for the plumbing, rather than using one designed for a sink. It saved us hundreds of dollars. The sink, however, is more beautiful than practical. Really think about how the ones you are looking at would actually work. We also built a medicine cabinet into the wall behind the mirror, but it really limits your mirror choices - we ended up having something custom made. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Cindy. I had the same concern about the sink, they might not be too practical, but since the bathroom under repairs is not used very often. I'm willing to take a chance and then will decide if I want it in the main bathroom.
      I like your idea about using a regular cabinet. I'm feeling most restricted because of the width of the cabinet, so cutting the back of one might be a more cost-effective solution. I'll keep you posted what comes out of it. :-)