Sunday, August 06, 2017

I am NOT Color Blind

It is so important to acknowledge our differences in thinking, in approach and in perspective to appreciate the colors that this world was created with. 
I think just saying that I'm color blind and I don't see differences is unfair and a bias. We need to see the colors that each of us bring to this world and acknowledge the differences to appreciate our uniqueness…
I don't believe that we should not wish people 'Merry Christmas' and instead label is as Holidays so we don't hurt the sentiments of others who don't celebrate Christmas. I think we should care enough to find out when Diwali or when sukkot is being celebrated and wish people for what they are celebrating and not shun others for celebrating their festivals.
In this fast changing world, we can't afford to be color-blind, we need to be artists and see colors and value them.  

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