Friday, August 04, 2017

Norcal Beaches: Stinson Beach

Stinson beach is one of our favorite beaches in northern California. It has good road access, plenty of parking and very family friendly.
We discovered it by accident one time when we took a turn in the wrong direction heading out from Tamalpais State Park and reached the Pacific Ocean.
Pardon the fact that the pictures are unedited but I really am trying to post something everyday and even though its hard I'm choosing regularity over perfection and consequential delays.
The water at Stinson beach like all Northern California beaches is cold unlike the Southern California Beaches or that of the tropics. But once you get over the fact that the water is cooler than typical beaches, it can be a lot of fun to just wade in water, splash in it or go for body surfing.  
There are a lot of coal barbecue grills for open use and there were large outdoor tables and benches for family picnics close to the parking lot just beyond the beach entrance. Pets are allowed in certain portion of the beach only and are required to be on leash.
It is a good spot for picnic, people bring tents and hammocks and picnic blankets. You can either bring food from home or carry out from the eateries on the road. The road had breweries and sandwich places along with coffee and ice creams too. 
Spotted these beautiful sunflowers at the entrance of the shops and restaurants.
We bought ice-cream for the ride back and one of the option was to have a shot of espresso over vanilla bean ice-cream and that of course was my favorite...

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